200 kg from the blocks. Dmitry Klokov is a real son of a bitch.

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Getting back to my roots. All i used to use my computer/brain for was offensive art.

I purposely took myself out of the loop for a long while because it was more important to me to get along with people than to upset ANYone with politics/beliefs - even strangers. But the current gay rights struggle has awakened my inner-upstart.

Gay and lesbian people are a hell of a lot more uncomfortable every day - facing the hatred and discrimination they do - than I would/will be if I offend a relative/someone from my church/passerby.

Oh well. Right is right. And maybe, in 2013, white American Christianity isn’t right.


Pretty dead on.

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CFLT scored #1 for Central East as a team!

CFLT scored #1 for Central East as a team!


Taking an entire movie and translating it into a single image is not an easy job. Identifying the elements which best represent 90 to 160 minutes of dialogue, action, character development and photography then reducing that down to its simplest form without losing the original meaning is an art in itself.  This is exactly what illustrator Olly Moss does so well in his posters. Here are his Star Wars ones…


Working on my headspins today at @sfcrossfit. Thanks to @bboywicket @milestone1 for showing me the way #freestyleconnection #bboy #gwod #headspins #crossfit

In case I forget…

In case I forget…